Add "Attributes" or "Category" to Equipment

If you could organize equipment by category or attribute, it would be much easier to figure out what resources are available. Especially for leaders in the Pack who are not the Quartermaster and are not as familiar with what is available.

The ability to add one or more attributes to an item would make organization and visibility into available resources much easier. As an example, a new Tiger Den leader would like to play a game as a gathering activity for the den. He/She could log into TroopTrack and do an attribute filter in the equipment list for “Games”. He could potentially then add another attribute filter for “Tiger” and find game supplies that are appropriate for the Tiger age group.

I listed some potential attributes below. These are focused towards Cubscouts, and while some may work across all spectrum of scouting, each group may need a different list. I would also recommend the ability for an organization to add their own attributes. For reporting purposes and consistent filter results, I highly suggest these appear in a drop down as opposed to free form entry when adding/managing equipment.

Another potential use of attributes would be to have an attribute that correlates to the equipment needed for various rank advancements. For Example, Bear Claws requires whet stones, pocket knives, soap, etc. If the Pack supplies those items, they could all be listed in the inventory with an attribute of “Bear Claws Adventure”. This would allow a quick search to see if any additional inventory or supplies are needed to run the Den Meeting when the Bear Claws adventure is being conducted.

A Few Suggested Attributes
Pack Meeting
Arrow of Light
Blue and Gold
Pinewood Derby


I like this. Although I can see that the attributes or categories could get very specific depending on the unit. Makes much more sense to me to allow each unit to define their own attributes.

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