Add Junior Budget Maker and My Money Plan

Could we please have the Junior Budget Maker and Junior My Money Plan badges added?

Budget Maker:
A budget means keeping track of how to spend and save money to meet a goal. Creating a budget helps you plan to meet your goals. As part of that plan, learn smart ways to spend, save, and share money.

  1. Investigate why you want what you want
  2. Practice spend-save-share
  3. Learn how to decide what to buy
  4. Find out how financial services help people save
  5. Build a spend-save-share plan

My Money Plan:
Find out how people earn money and make it grow by saving and investing. Then investigate ways to protect your money and information.

  1. Explore how to earn an income
  2. Investigate jobs and income
  3. Find out about income tax
  4. See the difference between saving and investing
  5. Protect money and information