Assigning Budget goals to Categories

Like most BSA units, we have to set a budget each year as part of our Journey to Excellence program. I thing it would be great if we could enter our budget goals in TT by Category, so we could track performance through the year.
Example: we allocated $250 for Awards (merit badges, rank patches, etc.). If we could edit the Awards Category - have a pull-down for year, and a field for $ - then could we generate a “budget report” showing expenditures for each category, against the budgeted amount?

I’m just getting started here, I’m going to suggest more enhancements that will make pulling our numbers for JTE easy at the end of the year.

Thanks for the suggestion and I look forward to hearing more.

Right now, what a lot of people do is create an account just for “Awards” or “Shipping Costs” and things like that. They then transfer money from the main account to those other accounts and subtract from those budgets each time they spend money. Seems to work well for most. Doesn’t mean we won’t enhance it, though.

Hello @IowaFossil,

I like your idea.

Another idea would be to categorize every transaction, down export the money book into Excel. From there you can filter and sort to determine if you are on track or not.



Interesting observations, but I don’t want to create new accounts to stash money, and I already know how to download to excel and fiddle with the columns. I was looking for an improvement, to get TT aligned with the programs their customers (BSA Troops) have to follow, like Journey to Excellence.

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I would also like the ability to build a budget in TT and then allocate expenses against that budget. Each of our GS patrols (similar to BSA Dens) needs their own budget, set by leaders. I’m currently having to use Excel for this and I’d rather have everything in TT.