New GSUSA Financial Literacy Badges

New Financial Literacy Badges were added to each age level. Please update each level with their respective badges listed out below:

Money Explorer Badge

  1. Find out about different coins
  2. Know more about paper money
  3. Try using paper and coin money

My Money Choices

  1. Find out what you need and want
  2. Set a goal and save
  3. Explore how to make choices with money

Budget Builder

  1. Find out how much things cost and how money is used.
  2. Learn the difference between wants and needs.
  3. Plan a budget for a fun adventure.
  4. Find out how to be thrifty.
  5. Make a budget for your character.

My Own Budget

  1. Find out how people spend money.
  2. Learn how to save
  3. Find out what it means to share
  4. Explore your wants and needs
  5. Make a budget and set goals

Budget Maker

  1. Investigate why you want what you want
  2. Practice spend-save-share
  3. Learn how to decide what to buy
  4. Find out how financial services help people save
  5. Build a spend-save-share plan

My Money Plan

  1. Explore how to earn an income
  2. Investigate jobs and income
  3. Find out about income tax
  4. See the difference between saving and investing
  5. Protect money and information

Budget Manager

  1. Find out how your budget reflects your values
  2. Learn how to track your spending
  3. Find ways to earn money for yourself or your troop
  4. Explore how to make money decisions
  5. Set a goal for how you’ll give back

My Money Habits

  1. Explore ways to exchange money
  2. Find out what influences spending
  3. Manage your spending habits
  4. Learn investing basics
  5. Investigate how to be a safe and savvy shopper

My Dream Budget

  1. Explore your earning power
  2. Analyze where you’ll live
  3. Imagine your day-to-day life
  4. Make a plan to give back
  5. Add up your future

Savvy Saver

  1. Learn the ins and outs of income
  2. Make a list of budgeting tips
  3. Find out how to plan for a big expense
  4. Compare ways to borrow money
  5. Create a budget for a big expense

My Financial Power

  1. Find out about income power
  2. Focus on making informed money decisions
  3. Find out about inflation
  4. Explore investing
  5. See how giving back impacts a community

Financial Planner

  1. Explore real-life expenses
  2. Learn the ins and outs of credit cards
  3. Investigate loans
  4. Find out how to establish good credit
  5. Make your commitment to financial responsibility

My Financial Independence

  1. Plan for where you’ll live
  2. plan for expense spending
  3. Explore how to build wealth
  4. Find out about investment protection
  5. Plan for sharing with others

Thank you @MegJakubik for the update. Hopefully @dave or @Tyler can get this updated soon. Can you please post a link to where this is posted on the GSUSA site, if it is published publicly, for verification? Thanks.

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