Add Leader Training Option for University of Scouting 2016 & 2017

can someone please add University of Scouting 2016 and University of Scouting 2017 into the Training drop down menu for Leaders? or can someone tell me how to add this manually?

Hi @MistyBrandon-Cotton,

We’d be glad to add this. Will you please provide me with a link to an official source that talks about these trainings? Even a link to a PDF will do fine. We just need some documentation on it before we can add it.

Thank you!

Not sure exactly what you need. Here is a link to the 2017 for our Council. On the page is a link to the catalog.

My local district now calls this training Wonderful World of Scouting, but a google search tells me we are unique in changing the name. Troop Track lists several years for University of Scouting, I believe through 2015.

Misty Cotton

Hi @MistyBrandon-Cotton This is completed. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

hi Melissa, i’m still not seeing University of Scouting 2016 or U of S 2017 as an option in the training drop down menu…

I have a leader’s profile pulled up, clicked into the training tab and selected add training, U of S 16 and 17 are not in the drop down menu…

Should be there now. Thank you.

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