Scouting U training courses missing

I am not sure how many courses are missing, but the three that I’ve been enrolled in are missing for new Scoutmasters:

Scoutmaster - Before The First Meeting
Scoutmaster - First 30 Days
Scoutmaster - Position Trained

These look like amalgamations of other trainings, bundled together, and I don’t see those sub-trainings listed either - although searching for training names is really hard. :-/ #!UX

I took screenshots of the curriculum listed for each. They’re called “Learning Plans” - which may be something new?

Do any of those trainings have expiration dates?

No expiry that I can see - it looks like these plans are set up a little differently, they front-load it, they have an assignable due-date.

So, presumably, the Committee Advancement Chair (or whomever) can go in and set up a training plan for a troop member, set a target date/due date for completion.

This training (which is disconnected from training) is reached via

They should be available now. Please have a look and let me know if I need to change anything.

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That works for me :slight_smile: Thank you.