Add new categories for Purchased, Awarded, etc

I saw this question has been asked in the past, but the thread is now closed.

Can we get some other categories besides “Purchased”, etc., to help keep track of who has ordered which badges?

  1. “Do Not Buy” checkbox for each badge - to remove it from the Shopping List, but not mark it as purchased since it really won’t be; then the parents could uncheck this box if they ever changed their minds.
  2. rename “Purchased” to “To Be Purchased” Some parents check this box thinking that they need to check it in order to have us purchase the badge. Ugh!!

Since parents cannot see the shopping list (refer to my other posts requesting this abilty), they do not know whether something is being ordered for them without my involvement.

We are having some major headaches which could be avoided with these 2 changes.

Please seriously consider this change.

Originally, parents were not intended to be able to edit or manage any achievement data. We will be adding a feature that allows parents (and scouts, if desired), to submit achievements for approval by a leader, which will allow them to submit that progress but not mess with anything else (like the purchased checkbox). This should take care of at least the second issue. I will discuss the first issue with our developer. :slight_smile: