Limited Household access to shopping list?

I think it would be useful for parents to be able to see which badges and awards are listed on the shopping list for their daughters, especially so they can look it over before the purchaser places the order.

Right now, if you have shopping list privileges, you can see everyone’s awards. Even if you only have Household Access Level.

If you could restrict the shopping list to reflect the Access Level (Self, Household, Unit, Troop), then a regular mom (who had shopping list priv’s and Household Access Level) could click on the shopping list to see what was going to be ordered for her daughters.

Then we could tell all the parents to check their shopping lists before we place the order, to make sure it is accurate.

Right now I have to scroll through the Achievements tab to pick this information out for my daughter.

I’d really like this to be considered. Thanks!

That same information shows up on the weekly automated newsletter email everyone gets from TT. On the left-hand side of the email is a list of the girl, her recently completed awards (things that are on the shopping list), and her partially completed awards. Have your parents actually read that email and let you know if something is missing from the “Recently Completed” list.

We have never sent out the newsletter. Not sure why?

So are the things under “recently completed awards” the same as what is on the Shopping list for that girl?

I will look into it. Thanks for the tip!

Hmm. Just tried this, and all the badges listed under “Recently Completed Awards” are ones my daughter received already.

Still hoping to get a help desk ticket for this one! :slight_smile:

Yes. Below is what the Newsletter looks like. So you can see, it shows what
has been completed but not presented (therefore on the shopping list). It
also shows all the girl’s incomplete badges, and upcoming events from the
calendar. (I replaced the girl’s name with Patriot Girl for this example.
but this is the latest newsletter for my daughter.) EDITED TO ADD: Oops! All the formatting from the email is gone here, the award lists are on the left and the events on the right, and there are links to the event info and to add events to various calendar programs. But you get the idea here.

Troop CA1412 Newsletter 2017-08-20
Recently Completed Awards

  • Summer Family Camp + LNT (custom award): 2017-06-09
  • So Cal Regional Camp (custom award): 2017-07-02
  • PiPa Summer Camp (custom award): 2017-07-28

Partially Completed Awards

  • Patriot - Dolley Madison Award (Level Award): 41%
  • Nature and Wildlife (PA/PI) (Outdoor Skills Frontier): 54%
  • Emergency Preparedness (PA/PI) (Personal Well-Being Frontier): 70%
  • Dance (PA/PI) (Arts Frontier): 54%
  • Cooking (PA/PI) (Family Living Frontier): 49%
  • Aviation (PA/PI) (Science & Technology Frontier): 66%
  • Horsemanship (PA/PI) (Outdoor Skills Frontier): 70%
  • Archery (PA/PI) (Outdoor Skills Frontier): 29%
  • Space Exploration (PA/PI) (Science & Technology Frontier): 16%
  • Social Skills & Etiquette (PA/PI) (Personal Well-Being Frontier): 70%
  • Daughter of the King (PA/PI) (Personal Well-Being Frontier): 80%
  • Shooting Sports (Pi/Pa) (Outdoor Skills Frontier): 2%
  • Pet Care (PA/PI) (Family Living Frontier): 33%
  • Money Management (PA/PI) (Family Living Frontier): 90%

Your Events in the Next 7 Days
Your Events in the Next 30 Days
Nothing scheduled
Other events
Leader Meeting August 25, 2017 at 06:30 pm

Leader Training

Get more information about this event, RSVP, or change your RSVP status
here: Leader Meeting (Must be
logged in to TroopTrack)

Parent Meeting August 31, 2017 at 06:30 pm

Get more information about this event, RSVP, or change your RSVP status
here: Parent Meeting (Must be
logged in to TroopTrack)

Troop Meeting September 7, 2017 at 06:30 pm

PF: Starting the Adventure

TH: Joining Award

EX: Let’s Talk 1-2, 8-9

Pi/Pa: Our Flag 13, 22a, 17c, PRAY Award, Level Award planning

Get more information about this event, RSVP, or change your RSVP status
here: Troop Meeting (Must be
logged in to TroopTrack)
Add this event to your calendar:

If the ones listed under Recently Completed are ones your daughter already received, I suggest you check to make sure they are marked purchased and presented in the Present Awards page. If they are marked purchased and presented there, they should not show up in your newsletter.

I guess the question is whether your badge person marked them off right after your last CoH. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking time to help with my question!

All the awards that were listed in my Newsletter were for awards that had been marked as Completed, Purchased and Recognized. However, they did not have an “Awarded On” date entered.

Once I entered an “Awarded On” date they disappeared from the Newsletter list of Recently Completed Awards.

But because they were marked as Purchased, they did not show up on the Shopping list.

@KelsieC, I am asking for a way for the parents to see what is on the shopping list for their daughter. I would like them to be able to access the same information that the Troop Purchaser accesses to place the order.

The information on the Newsletter not matching the Shopping list highlights the issue. It would be great for parents to be able to clearly find out what is going to be ordered for them. If they have to sift through the Achievements tab, or assume that what is listed in the Newsletter is going to be ordered, parents may inadvertently order something they don’t want.

I will have to look into it on Monday and find out how doable something like this would be on the back end of things. As soon as I have an update, I will let you know. If you haven’t heard from me by next Wednesday, please message me again, all right? Just in case I accidentally forget. :sweat_smile:

Hi @KelsieC,

This is a real issue for me now. I just posted on the TT FB page as well, but don’t know where to get help for this.

The inability for parents to know what is on the shopping list is very frustrating, and is causing significant problems for me and my troop.

I’m hoping for some news! Thanks!

If you want parents to be able to see the shopping list, you can give the ‘manage awards’ privilege. As long as they don’t mess with anything, they can go to Achieve > Shopping List and see exactly which badges are showing up on the list. An award will only show up on the list if there is a date on the “completed on” field and it is not marked as purchased. If you don’t have a date in that field, it won’t show up on the list. If you or the parent marks the checkbox for it being purchased, then it won’t show up on the list.

Adding an additional feature or privilege won’t change that behavior - the data still needs to be entered in correctly to display correctly. If a girl finishes an award or patch, it needs to be marked as completed. Once the badge/patch is purchased, you need to mark it as purchased. Once it has been given to the girl, you fill in the “awarded on” field. Once it has been recognized in front of the troop, you can mark it as recognized. (In many cases, this is the same thing, but not always.)

Alternatively, if you don’t want to give them the “manage awards” privilege, you can show them what to look for on the achievements page. If the data has been filled in properly, there will only be a date in the “completed on” field, nothing in the “awarded on” spot, and no extra symbols or icons next to the achievement.

If parents are entering in data and marking thing without knowing what they are doing, it is going to mess things up. If you would like parents and scouts to be able to submit awards progress for review by leaders (allowing them to enter in the dates that things were worked on without giving them access to the other stuff, like accidentally marking things as purchased), then you can turn on the “provisional progress” setting and remove the “manage achievement records” privilege from the parents.