Bulk achievement window enhancements

The dialog to update achievements in bulk should also have the ability to indicate that the award has been purchased, awarded, date awarded & recognized.

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Because these events typically happen some time after the awarding, we’ve put those on a different page.

Check out Achieve > Present awards.

I like @Rainbow’s idea here. When I enter a bulk badge, it would be easier to just mark it recognized and/or purchased from that screen instead of having to go to another screen. (Which I often forget to do until I’m recording stuff, which is how I had 888 items to mark off as recognized… :smirk: ).

My HUGE concern with this is that what’s being described is not the typical workflow.

Usually and for most units and groups, when something is earned, it’s marked as “completed” and goes onto the shopping list, etc. For BSA, the next step is to report the advancement to council. Then we purchase awards and mark them as such. Then we have our awards ceremony and come back to mark them as recognized and awarded (all easily done through “Present Awards”).

Because this follows the typical flow of events, I foresee much backlash from leaders who have to tighten the reigns on privileges to prevent (in some cases) “lazy leaders” who would like to just mark it all at once and then things get missed for not going through the process.

We could create a setting to allow for this, but because the current process is so easy and our development time is so precious (and expensive) the benefit of creating this just does not outweigh the potential cost in $$ and customer support.

This isn’t a permanent “no”, but for now I can’t justify this over the hundred or so other enhancements that have been on the waiting list and are desired by many more users.

Thanks! Ask again in like 6 months!


Interesting! In our AHG troop, it must be marked as recognized and completed at the same time. Our badges aren’t recognized as completed until our girls present the badge. “Recognized” is how we tell if our girls have presented the badge vs just doing a badge at home that hasn’t been presented. Our leaders are responsible for marking that as well as changing the completed date to the date that they presented the badge to their squad. Marking off “purchased” I do as I go through and order them on Connect.

My “lazy leaders” are the ones who don’t mark anything as completed or recognized. Which creates a nightmare for me when I try and figure out what I really need to order vs not order. A couple of leaders are especially bad about not marking anything even for their squad badges.

It’s definitely interesting to see how other troops might use the same screens. :slight_smile: And while I’d love the feature, I’ve got my eyes on a couple of those enhancements you mentioned. :wink:

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