Add new leadership position for adults

Is there a way to add a new leadership position for adults?

Hi @BonnieCzuhajewski,

Thank you for using the TroopTrack Community!

What leadership positions would you like to add?

Thank you!

We would like to add “Assistant Troopmaster” (ATM), and “Senior Ranger” (SRAN)

Hi @BonnieCzuhajewski
I have added the leadership positions for you! Thanks for using TroopTrack!

I actually wanted to add “Board of Review” so my advancement coord knows which committee members have experience doing Boards of Review.

They do not appear anywhere… or am I missing something?

Hi Bonnie,

I am sorry, I just added that for you. I missed when you replied. :slight_smile:

Hi Eric, @EricInman

I am sorry, I mistakenly thought you were BSA. I cannot add leadership positions for you for Trail Life. Call 321-247-7761 and they will be able to assist you. Sorry about that! Have a great day!

How can I add the leadership position Childcare leader, Outdoor Committee Member, Special Events Committee, Service Events Committee, Spiritwear Coordinator,? Can you add any of these titles for me??