Creating custom leadership positions


We have a very active and large boy-led troop which has historically had several custom leadership positions that are not included among the standard ones BSA lists - including Tree Sale Coordinator, Wreath Sale Coordinator, ASPL-Advancement, ASPL-Scout Spirit, and ASPL-Outings. How can I add these to the list of leadership positions?



There is not currently a way to add custom leadership positions, as that list of positions is the same for all troops on TroopTrack under that same organization (i.e. all BSA troops, Cub packs, AHG troops, etc.). Sorry! :frowning:


Ok. I’ll list them as ASPL positions…is there a way for me to add comments to clarify their roles/troop-specific assignment?


Not at this time. But I will pass the suggestion on to our developer as something to implement!


Unfortunately the Crew positions are somewhat limited. I have youth that have completed First Class and beyond and will complete Eagle with the Crew. I have an adult I have identified as the Advancement Chair, and I have an Eagle Coach. But it seems these positions are only available for Troops. Please add these to possible Crew positions.


I have added both the Eagle Coach and the Advancement Chair positions to the list of Crew positions. :slight_smile: If there are any others that need to be added, please let me know.


Thank you so much for such a quick response!


As mentioned in my earlier post, it would really be great if we could create our own Scout leadership positions with descriptions. For now, we will need to use the ones included with TroopTrack and maintain a supplemental spreadsheet for the 5 other leadership positions we have.

Would it be possible to add a test field to the ‘Other’ leadership position so that we can use this to document leadership positions not on the list?


Let me talk to our developer about it, since he is the one who would actually need to do it. I think it’s a great idea, but I have no idea about the technical side of it, so I will pass it along to him and see what he says. If I don’t reply on this thread in a couple of days, message me again and I will let you know what he says.