Chrysalis Patch

On August 7th, someone showed me there was a TT entry for the “Chrysalis Patch 2019-2010 AHG Theme Patch.” It was under the “Custom Award” section, but now it seems to be removed? Can you please put it back into TT? Thank you!!

Custom Awards are entered by the Unit, perhaps someone else within your unit with access removed it.

No, no one in our Troop entered or deleted it. This is a National AHG Patch, that I’m assuming many Troops will want to complete this year.

So are you saying each and every Troop would have to create their own entry?

No, if it is a National Patch then it shouldn’t be listed under Custom Awards but under whatever category is appropriate to that Patch. I know there have been a bunch of comments recently about AHG issues with Awards. I am not an AHG unit so can’t see the same thing you are seeing, perhaps TT has placed things in Custom Awards for AHG that just seems contrary to the way the system is setup.

@KathrynHouse-Hickenb, If it showed up under Custom Award, those were individual troops entering them. TT would have it listed under the “Event & Other Patches”. With the glitch that @dave spent lots of time working on, it took all the Custom Awards that every troop had entered off of troops who had not entered for their own troop. So any awards that my troop (MO3130) had, would be taken off from your Custom Awards. Does that make sense?

There were a couple of people who had asked about the requirements being put on TT, but I haven’t seen a reply as to when it will be up.

Oh, that must be why it disappeared then. Well hopefully TT will add this National Patch into the system for everyone!

I sent an email in to TT Support with the PDF of the requirements for this patch. So hopefully this helps everyone.


Fyi… The Chrysalis patch requirements are now in TT under Event and Other Patches.

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YEA!!! THANKS for letting me know!