New AHG Patch Requirements

There is a new Patch that AHG offers that isn’t an option. I have at least one girl who has completed the requirements but couldn’t find it on TT. Could it be added? I can email the PDF requirements in if needed. The AHG/Lewis & Clark Trail Award Patch information is found on Connect.



Will you be so kind as to email the PDF? We’d be glad to get this up and running for you.


Sent it in! Thanks!!!

@mlsully2002 Is the email address the same to send a PDF file for a new AHG Patch requirements? Or… do you know if the AHG Chrysalis Theme Patch is already being worked on being added to TT? Thanks.

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Did you hear if TT will create an entry for the Chrysalis Patch this year?

I have not, but I went into create a custom badge and just figured it out until I hear back from TT. It seems to work, but I figure since this is the year’s theme, it should be on the list. I may just send the PDF anyway.

The e-mail to send to is not the same, send things like this to Matt hasn’t worked for TT for like two years now.

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The last time I sent patch requirements in it was to @KelsieC She was fabulous about getting them entered and updated.