Add privileges in bulk NOT working

A new mom let us know that she wasn’t able to do something (add service hours for her daughter) so I checked privileges and noticed she and all the other new moms did not have that privilege turned on. So I clicked on the “Add Privileges” under Manage, Members, Privileges, then used the “select all” checkbox on unit containing all the (new) moms, checked the privileges I wanted to add, and clicked the blue “Add Privileges” button at the bottom.

When it displayed the main Privileges page again, it said “User already has the privilege” at the top, but I figured that just meant some of the people I’d selected already had it so they skipped them and added it to the rest. But when I checked the one mom’s profile, she still didn’t have the privilege!

Does Add Privileges not work if SOME of the people who are checkmarked on the Add Privileges page already have the privilege?!? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of doing this in bulk, if I first have to carefully to go through the filtered list on the main Privileges page to figure out who has the privilege and then carefully NOT checkmark their name on the Add Privileges page?!?

…Decided to try something faster: I checkmarked all the same adults and REMOVED the privilege I was trying to add, then went back in and added it. That worked…

Hi @schwammrs,

I was not able to recreate this issue. When I added a privilege to some users those who did not have it were given that privilege, but I did get the message that “user already have that privilege” message since one of the leaders already had it.


David Keener