How to Update Household Priv for all Adults Once

We want to update all Adults. They are currently set to households. How do we add privileges without going to each member profile? Also, Can I invite all ADULTS to the system without having the individual scouts mixed in??

Hi there,

If the parents are in dens, you can go to Manage > Members > Privileges and press “Add privileges.”

It looks like there is a bug right now that doesn’t allow the unassigned section to show up but I put in a request to have that fixed.

I’m afraid there isn’t a way to bulk invite users. If you go to Manage > Members > Invite Users, the ones with “Register As” are the adults while the ones with just “Register” are scouts. We believe it is important to specifically decide who should have access, what access level they should have, and what privileges they need for your information’s safety. Many times it’s a better practice to only give a privilege when it’s asked for or if it’s needed rather than giving it to them just in case they might need it someday.

Thank you.