Adding External Email Address to Groups


We have an external gmail email account that is a distribution list we use that contains legacy members of the troop.

These users want to hear about troop activities but are no longer part of the troop.

I would like to email these individuals through TT, but do not want add them as it would add clutter.

I would like some method to be able to email these non-TT members using TT.



Couldn’t you add a dummy troop user account with the gmail address as its email address? If you don’t want these folks to be able to log in to the site, you could set the password to something inscrutable and just never give it out.


That is a neat idea! I like it!

In fact, I don’t think I have to create the account. I can just add the user ID. I’ll have to check.

Thanks, for the post. We will have to give that some serious thought :):):slight_smile:



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