External e-mail accounts in Custom mailing lists?

I want to create a custom mailing list for potential new scout families that have not joined our troop. I know that I can manually add the e-mail addresses each time I send an e-mail, but I’d like to have a custom mailing list that can be maintained throughout the year for potential new scouts that do not have Troop Track accounts. Is there a way to accomplish what I want? Right now, we are planning to create a document with the e-mail list and then cut/paste that list.

Thanks, Brian B.
Troop 635 for Girls Scoutmaster

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This is an interesting idea and I agree this could be useful. Will have to see what kind of traction it gets in the Community to see if it might be something TT adds to their very long list of ideas to implement.

As an immediate work around if you go ahead and create a New Contacts patrol and add in the people who’s contact information you have gotten but just uncheck the box to send a registration link to them. They would not be registered with TT accounts but you could then select them as a group to send e-mails.
If you all ready have a spreadsheet of these people you could use the importer, not sure if the registration e-mail is automatically sent with the import method, I did pose that question in that thread: