Adding Nickname and Suffix in the get /v1/users request

When I use the API to get the list of Scouts, it does not tell me their nickname or the suffix. Also, when I call the API to get the user specific information, I can’t get these fields either. And if I try to compare the webpage output to my API output, the names do not mix.

Could you add a field in either the Get /v1/users output or the Get /v1/users/{id} output that shows the name as it will be shown from the website? Specifically, the Rank book is what I’d like to match here. That page shows the name as “<nickname> <last name> <suffix>”. So, if I can get the entire string as printed on the Rank book page, that’s great! If I can query the nickname and the suffix from one of the APIs as well, that would be fine as well as I can build the name as needed.

API works great by the way! Thanks for providing this!

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In general, adding a more comprehensive set of fields for the existing endpoints would be helpful in opening up the sorts of projects that would implementable via the API.

I think that the “users” API should only every present the nickname when it is provided. We’ve had several users who can’t find a member (on the iPhone App) because the member’s nickname (which is the name they introduce themselves as) is nothing like their “birth” name on the BSA forms.

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I agree, the nickname should be listed as well, or at least the full name as displayed in the actual TroopTrack pages. It’s a bit strange to have a printout from my API-enabled tool for one of the boys and it doesn’t have the name that they go by on it.