Viewing Full Name AND Nickname in Member Record

I’d like to see some place in the member record where I can view both full name and nickname on the Member Detail screen. The way it is now, the larger header shows nickname. Also the Member Details tab also shows nickname.

The only way I could determine what a Scout’s full name is was by clicking on “Edit” under Basic Info and view the User Info pop-up.

I may need a report or view that shows the member’s full name. For instance, while booking travel for high adventure, I need name as it appears on ID. I don’t know that an Event Leader would have access to this, or would think to look there. Would also need it for more formal occasions and awards.

Hi @DonnaPerry2,

Thanks for the suggestion.

In the meantime, go to Manage > Reports > Create Users Report and create a report with full names and whatever you’d like to include. I’m not sure if your event leader will have access to this, but you may save it as a pdf and place it under Share > Documents for future use.


Thank you. That helps. Any word on when med form date fields will be
available that way?