Where is "nickname" in Custom Reports

I am driving myself crazy trying to create a VERY SIMPLE report. I need a roster of Scouts. Just their last name and nickname. I can’t find nickname in the custom report fields.

Also, how do I get a custom report that I can save as csv so I can manipulate it to have the information I really want? I’ve figured to sort out adults and just get Scouts, that I can choose “Scout” field and sort on True/False. But to get it to Excel, I have to copy the screen elements, then paste into Excel.

What am I missing? Where is the easy custom report and save as csv or pdf?

I’m going to go a little further on this. I thought, I’ll just run a report that I know gives me a list of Scouts, export to csv, and get rid of the fields I don’t need. So I was thrilled to see the Medical book use nickname and sort alpha by last name AND give me the option to export to csv. But guess what??? The csv report provides FIRST name, not nickname. I think this is my BIGGEST FRUSTRATION with the reporting tools. It’s taking me over 30 minutes to just get a list of Scouts with Last Name and Nickname… and I still can’t figure out how to do it.

Hi @DonnaPerry2,

Please use Manage > Reports > Create Users Report, and select “Name”. This will show the nickname and the last name.

After you save, you can press “Actions” and download a CSV or PDF of that report you just created.

Thank you.

Thank you! I apologize if my tone was not kind. This is not intuitive,
since nickname isn’t identified. Also, the screen version sorted by first
name, even though I told it to sort by last name. It did sort by last name
for the csv.

I can make this work.