Additional Leadership Position options

I’d love to see the following added to the list of adult leadership positions (for AHG), many to mirror the new girl leadership guide. Some may be more or less useful than others, but having them all out there would be nice. :slight_smile:

  • Girl Leadership Director

  • Care & Prayer Team Mentor

  • History Team Mentor

  • Open/Close Team Mentor

  • Administrative Team Mentor

  • Service Team Mentor

  • Unit Team Mentor

  • Hometown Mentor

Hello @slfabric I have added these positions to TroopTrack! Thanks for letting us know about the new positions.

I’d also like to request that the following AHG Adult volunteer roles be added:

  • Devotions coordinator

  • Secretary (Board) - the current option lists “Secretary/Newsletter”. However, we don’t publish a newsletter.

  • Assistant Registrar


Hello @pbhoopstars

I added the leadership positions for you! Thanks for using TroopTrack!


Thanks for adding the add’l leadership roles.

We have one more leadership position request - SPECIAL NEEDS LIAISON

We have created a new volunteer role in our troop - a Special Needs Liaison. This person serves as a shadow for special needs scouts (similar to school settings) and ensures that the scout’s parents are kept updated on various matters such as events in the respective unit, progress on badge completion, and other matters as it affects the special needs scout.

I don’t see this volunteer category in the current adult leadership roles and would like to suggest that it be added.

Thanks for your consideration,

Val Hara Uyeda, Registrar
CA 0373

@pbhoopstars I added this position for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Melissa - much appreciated!

Val Uyeda
AHG CA 0373