AHG How do you delete an activity patch that was entered twice on bulk record?

I have a Lock In activity patch that I entered twice on bulk record for 50 girls. How do I delete one of those so that activity patches?

Hi @ElizabethHedrick,

Go to the girl’s profile, click the achievements tab, find the duplicate, and press the red “X” to delete it.


It is not showing up in the achievements section on the girls individual profile. I click on Achieve>Badgebook>completed>Not awarded. I can find it their twice for each girl. Some girls show 0% completed for both patches, some girls show 0% completed for one and 100% completed for the duplicate.

Also, how do I mark a badge as recognized and awarded. Can you do this in bulk?

Where can I find basic user information as I am really new at this?


The recognized and awarded bulk boxes can be found under Achieve->Present Awards. Love this feature!! Saves me an amazing amount of time! :slight_smile:

What kind of basic user information are you looking for? Are you looking to print off an entire troop basic info?

Sounds like she is wanting to know how to delete and activity patch. These do not show up under “achievements” for each persons profile. They only show up when you select to print/view award cards. I am still trying to figuring out where you can see that a person has earned a fun patch under each person profile - Appreciate any help. I have duplicate activity patches on many girls and when you print the shopping list/award cards they are on 2x. Thank you

The only way I know to go through and delete them is one by one. If you go through and look on your shopping list/award cards and realize you have duplicates, you’ll have to go into each girl separately and delete them. There isn’t a bulk delete option.

I still never got an answer on this. Did you happen to figure it out. It is for event patches like Operation Christmas Child.

This is for an event patch, not a badge so therefore it does not show up on their achievements. It only shows up in the shopping list and awards page. The patch I am looking at is Operation Christmas Child. Any help?

It should show up on their achievements, under the “Other” tab, as opposed to the level-specific ones. If you still don’t see it there, let me know and I will look into it.


How to delete special or custom patches: select girl, then achievements, then “other”. This is the only access to these patches, they do not show up under the ‘unit’ branch in achievements. It took way to long to figure this out, but I won’t forget it :slight_smile:

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