Who wants it? Badge book delete feature OR patches listed under Achievements?

I sent in an email with an idea and it was suggested I post here…we have duplicate patches showing in our badge book… Who would love either a delete feature in the badge book or for patches to display in the Achievements section?

What do you mean “delete” feature? Do you have extra badges that are doubled on their records. Or 2 choices for awards in the Start Achievements pop up?

We have patches that are somehow in there two and three times (but those aren’t visible or delete-able under the achievements area). No duplicate badges that I’m aware of though… Yet

So… Evidently patches are under “Other” so I guess I’m just asking about a delete option under the Badge Book.

Oh, so you can go in and see the duplicates from there and delete them? We’ve had that problem before and I think somewhere there is a thread about this kind of feature… :thinking: I’d have to look for it though. I think it may have been one I started. :rofl: