AHG Leadership Title

Can you please add Leaderships Titles for AHG?

  • Pathfinder Unit Leader

  • Pathfinder Assistant Unit Leader

  • Pathfinder Co-Unit Leader

  • Tenderheart Unit Leader

  • Tenderheart Assistant Unit Leader

  • Tenderheart Co-Unit Leader

  • Explorer Unit Leader

  • Explorer Assistant Unit Leader

  • Explorer Co-Unit Leader

  • Pioneer Unit Leader

  • Pioneer Assistant Unit Leader

  • Pioneer Co-Unit Leader

  • Patriot Unit Leader

  • Patriot Assistant Unit Leader

  • Patriot Co-Unit Leader

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hi @Adrianne,

Can you please send me a link to a PDF or something from an official source that talks about these positions and their roles/responsibilities? Once I have that, I can get started.


@mlsully2002 I will see what I can find. The responsibilities for Unit Leader and Assistant Unit Leader would be the same as what’s already in there, it’s just they are assigned up to the different levels. Also, Co-Unit Leader is something we came up (not sure if there is other troops that use it) with because we have two Unit Leaders who are in charge of one level, nence the name Co.

But I can see what I can find.


I think these are too many custom positions to just add without any official documentation. Users complain that there are too many positions that aren’t official and don’t apply to their troop.

Unit Leader and Assistant Unit Leader exist and I think those will suffice for now.

I did add the “Co-Unit Leader” position to the options so that will be available to you.

Thank you.

Understandable! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: