Always Include link in TroopTrack Event Mailings

I have been baffled as to why TT Event mailings do not include a link to the Event in TT.
I am mainly speaking of the auto-generated mailing but also when you go in on the event and use Mail to Signed Up, etc. I always have to manually get the link and include it, that is painful.

This would allow people to:

  1. RSVP if that was enabled
  2. See who else is going
  3. See the latest Details in case of updates

This think should be prominent near the top of the mailing, in my opinion.

Ron Barber
Troop 577


Maybe I’m confused…

When you invite people to an event, there is already a link that takes them to the event details page so they can RSVP.

I have had members tell me that the RSVP link would be better at the top of the invite rather than at the bottom of it. I think it gets lost in longer, more detailed invitations.

I agree the “original invite” does have a link to event as well as attachments to add to calendar.
What I am talking about is he “Email Attendees” option on events, can a link be added automatically to those emails? Also I am not sure but please check that the reminder email has a link to event.
Basically any event related email needs a link to the event.