Email those who have RSVPed

I am not sure if this is the same as this topic. Emailing Sign Up Sheet Participants

If so, I will move my comments over there.

Does TroopTrack have the capability to only email those who have RSVPed to attend a trip? I can’t seem to find a way to do that short of manually adding each attendee to an email.

Yes you can! Go to the event and click on Details and RSVP. At the top you’ll see Email Invitees. Then you can choose whether to only email those who RSVP’d yes, have no response, are possibly coming, are not coming, or everyone. It’s come in pretty handy!

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Perfect! Thanks. I had not bothered to click on “Email Invitees” because I assumed that is all it did, just email the invitees. This is our first event we are doing 100% in TroopTrack so we are still learning.

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Your’e welcome!! Before I made the site live to parents I tried my best to click on everything to see what would happen haha. That’s the only reason I clicked on it because I knew it would only affect me if I messed something up :slight_smile: