Option for Event Link in email message

Can we please add an option to include a link to the even if we use the option to send a message to participants. Sent reminder to RSVP, and no way to include the link.

Hi @StevePratt,

We’d be glad to consider this feature. In the meantime, you can go to the event’s Detail & RSVP page, copy the URL and paste that in the email that goes out to give them the ability to get to their rsvp page for that event.


Thanks, I did figure that out after email came out without the link the first time.


I agree. I was sending this same request when the system brought up yours as similar.

I would like to see this feature. A little quicker than going back and getting the url. I like to send out reminders with several events to cut down on the email clutter. Our old site, scoutlander had this feature.

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This would be a very helpful feature! It makes it easy for the email recipient to just click to get to the event, and having it automated prevents me forgetting to include the link and having to send 2 emails.

This has been added. We have added event information, including a link, to event emails. :slight_smile:

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Is there a screenshot available? I am not seeing an option to attach the events to emails.

I have not specifically checked yet but I would imagine this is just going to be automatic on the e-mail generated for the event. It will now include more items.

The link is now added to event emails. The link will be added to the bottom of the emails as a standard clickable text at the very bottom of the email. See screenshot below:


So will we be getting the feature of attaching multiple events to emails (not from the email invitee link, but a generic email)? Our old troop site had this feature and it was so helpful. It just had a list of upcoming calendar events and we were able to click on the checkbox next to the events we wanted to attach to the message

The original Idea was specific to selecting “Email Invitees” from an existing Event in TT and having the corresponding e-mail contain a link to the original event, that is the only thing that has changed as of now. Your expanded Idea of creating an e-mail and automatically attaching several events is a different and larger Idea. Perhaps it would be best to create that as a separate Idea or see if that specifically has been requested before. You get some of that if you use the Newsletter feature it doesn’t give specific ability to make your own but can do a Weekly or Monthly e-mail containing all of the events for whatever period of time you select.

Yeah I’m aware, I was more so replying in response to one of the added on comments in this thread. I requested this feature years ago. I’ll see if I can find it but I think it was locked since back then old topics were locked after a few days. I use the newsletter feature and that isn’t what I’m looking for. I really miss this feature from our old troop site.