Hello TroopTrack Masters of Innovation!

What say you to this?

I am trying to use Google Webmaster tools to increase visibility of our website as well as to track analytics.

Do you have any way for me to either:

(please say yes!)


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Hi @njmike,

This is actually something on our minds right now. It is on our todo list.

Thank you for asking!

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You are way geekier than me, I have no idea what you are talking about.:slight_smile:

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Analytics is the method of analyzing your web traffic – how many unique hits, how many return visitors, which page they came to your web on, what page referred them, what hours of day is your website busiest, what files are people downloading most, what pages are most popular, etc.

Google and Bing make it easy, but only if you can insert certain tags in certain parts of your pages, which at the time are not available for editing.

It would be great to be able to FTP an XML site map too!

Support for Google webmaster tools just went live. Check it out: Google Webmaster Tools and more

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Bingo. Worked like a charm. Thanks!!

Now… what about being able to upload an XML site map file to the root page of the site? HMMM?

Thanks again…! :heart_eyes:

Well… site maps are going to be a bit tougher.

But how about Google Analytics support? Going live tomorrow. Probably.

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I’ll probably say it again at some time.


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Google Analytics support is now live.

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