PENDING: Submit all Public pages to Search Engines

Google discontinued their URL submission tool in July 2018. Now, the only way to submit your website is by adding your sitemap in Search Console. What is a sitemap? It’s a file that lists all the pages on a website. It’s most commonly an XML file. Your sitemap is usually located at .

The problem is that use users / webmasters can’t do this for their own subdomain of

Could TT submit a new sitemap to Google once a month with all of its public-facing webpages? Of all its subdomains?

The old method,, might work but its not optimal, rather hidden, and a PIA for non-web-geeks.

For the full story on all search engines, see but note that Bing now requires submission from inside an account.


Troop track public unit pages do not show up in google searches. How are scouts supposed to find us if Google and Bing don’t see us?
The public site within troop track was a major leg up on Scoutbook, but as things stand we need another solution to aid in recruitment.