AHG - UL & Parent feedback of TT emails

Received this message today from one of our UL’s:

"Would it be a big problem if I do not send out my explorer emails thru troop track? I don’t think anyone is reading them. I’m getting almost no responses.

Tonight one of my squad leaders is telling me I need to send all this stuff out in an email and I’m telling her that I’ve already sent it out. But obviously even she the leader did not even read my email.

I think the formatting looks so official that people don’t realize there’s a personal message inside. I know I have almost missed messages before for the same reason. I thought the calendar reminders were just that, and did not realize that was a message attached to it.

Anyway, I am happy to pull the email addresses out of troop track and make my own email list through Gmail. I feel like more people would read an email sent from Gmail than from troop track."

We have had this problem ourselves… People look at the sender and just ignore it, they don’t think much of it. This is sad, but the way we’ve managed to cure it, is that girls have missed events and assignments b/c mom and dad didn’t read the emails. (I can’t say much, b/c one of my girls was in the this boat b/c I missed an email and I am the TT admin for our group so I KNOW I need to read all those TT emails I get… Now SHE asks me constantly, “mom, did you get anything from my leader today?” lol )

The other thing to check is if they are getting an email. When we do announcements with parents and girls right after flag ceremony, we will ask if anyone is NOT getting emails. Sometimes, they will mark the emails from TT as “junk”. Once they do that, TT stops sending them emails. I’ve had quite a few parents do that. :expressionless: To solve it, they (or your TT admin) needs to open the help ticket to have them check that email address and remove the marker so they will receive email again.

It’s all about retraining parents and leaders to use TT. The other thing to remember is that TT will also 'cc parents on emails. Something we need with our Pi/Pa girls to keep parents in the loop b/c the girls often have their own email address and in their case, the parents are left out of the loop.