Annual Class B T-Shirt sale

It is time to sell Class B shirts for boys and parents and I was wondering if we have any tools yet in TroopTrack to handle these sales. Each scout will likely be buying multiple shirts. Can we do this in any non-confusing fashion? The parent in charge of the sale will need to know both numbers and sizes of the shirts for each order.

If it is too complicated to handle in TroopTrack just say so, and we can do it the old-fashioned way with checks/cash.

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Good Morning @kpkpkp,

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Currently, there isn’t a good way of handling this in TroopTrack. I’ve included a link to the suggestion about offering Troop Stores or Shops. Please add your support to that post so our developers can consider it.

In the meantime, if you need to accept card payments, you may try Stripe, Square, or PayPal.

Thank you!

We use Square for our POS sales they offer a free reader and a very low transaction fee. But Troop Track has not yet integrated them for paying troop dues and fees. Please comment here if you are interested in having TT add SquareUp as another payment option.

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Would setting it up as a Fundraiser fit your need? Each product could be a size?

Here’s our workaround:

We use TroopTrack with Stripe payments for RSVP, but until we can do stuff like above, what might be considered to be classic “shopping cart” behavior, paper is simplest.

Our troop parents find the fees too high, do we do everything outside of trooptrack. Between the roughly 3% for any service and the TT per-transaction fees… Nobody wants to pay for it.