IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We are turning off all payments today 2/12/20 EDIT, PAYMENTS ARE BACK ON

As the title says, TroopTrack is turning off all payments for the remainder of the day 2/12/2020 until tomorrow 2/13/2020.

This is because we have found a crucial error as the source of most of the payment problems. Such as the token issues and other payment issues as reported on this thread: PENDING: Events will not allow registration

We have found that as members are RSVPing to paid events, adding the ticket to the new Shopping Cart, and then checking out, Stripe and Paypal are processing those transactions, but it is not being reflected correctly within TroopTrack. Because of this, members are continuing to process multiple transactions as they do not see it successfully working on TroopTrack but in reality they have have made multiple transaction in either PayPal or Stripe for said event fees.

This issue is of highest priority and we hope to have it resolved quickly. To prevent any further accidental charges and transactions we have decided to turn off all payments until tomorrow.

If you have any questions feel free to reply to this thread.

Thanks so much, we appreciate your understanding. We are dedicated to getting this right as soon as possible.


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Part of me is really glad we don’t use PayPal or Stripe just Money Accounts for more Ledger type tracking.

We have turned payments back on. The following issues have been fixed:

  1. Transaction fees were incorrect. Math is hard!
  2. Transaction fees were being applied to money account payments.
  3. Tickets were not available to a user after making a purchase.
  4. Token errors were preventing people from checking out.
  5. The transactions did not show up on the event payments page.
  6. The transactions did not show up on the ticket.

Leaders can now see troop shopping cart transaction details by going to Manage > Money > Orders.

Please reach out if your are still experiencing any issues with payments.


I am still seeing an error in the calculation of PayPal fees. Example - Charge was for $63.00, TT added $1.88 as the fee and charged the individual $64.88. PayPal deducted $2.18 which resulted in a $0.30 loss to us.

Same with Stripe.
We had a transaction go through this morning missing the .30 fee as well

So the mistake is still there. Is there a different projection time frame on when it will be corrected?

There are still gross errors in our Money Book.

Hello all,

I would like to confirm that the .30 cent fee is the error you are all currently seeing as everything else should be fixed. Our tech team is currently working on it and we should have this done by tomorrow.

Please let me know if there is anything else not functioning properly.


Just to clarify, the fee transactions that have already been processed will need to be adjusted manually. We can’t fix those automatically. The fees that are posted going forward should be correct.

I just made a purchase at 9:32pm eastern on 2/15 and the $0.30 fee was again excluded. I understand issues with a new release, but this is beyond that. There are clearly issues with the testing and verification processes being used and it is costing my pack money every time (we are collecting a lot of funds for our Blue & Gold event and incurring a $0.30 loss every transaction). I expect a reply and resolution to this…we’re losing faith in the platform.

Hi @RichardKatz. I’m as frustrated as you are at our inability to figure this out. I’ve spent countless hours on this problem and I really thought I had it dialed in. I’m sorry it’s still happening.

Are you using PayPal or Stripe? Would you mind pasting a link to the event details page, and would it be okay if I add myself to your pack to test it out myself? That would be super helpful.

Thanks for your patience.


I am using PayPal. The issue is happening with multiple events…here’s one: If you need to add yourself to the pack to troubleshoot that’s fine.

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Thanks @RichardKatz. That was super helpful. I found the bug in my payment math. I’m pushing it live now along with all the other bug fixes from today. I really appreciate your patience and persistence in advocating for this bug!!!


OK - I’ll see if it fixes things on the next payment.

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