Calendar and Money Updates (03/21/2016)

Happy Monday! Today we released a number of improvements to money accounts and the calendar we hope you will like. They are:


1) Better control of money accounts on the manage menu. See the picture. Due to a slight error on my part, this won't be there for BSA Troops until tomorrow. Sorry!

2) Direct control of categories for money transactions. You can create categories you want to use, then select one or more for each transaction. We replaced the autocomplete category feature because we were getting lots of complaints about duplicate categories with slightly different wording, like "Camp Fees", "Summer Camp Fees", etc.


3) The "All payments" page for events was really only working for events that accepted payment from money accounts, not Stripe (credit cards) or PayPal. It now works for these payment methods as well.


4) We've added icons for switching between the calendar and agenda views to make it easier to go back and forth. The links retain the other settings you've made, such as to show only the events you are invited to, etc.


5) All-day events are now displayed the same way we currently display holidays (at the top of the calendar box for the day on which they occur).


Have a great day!


~ Dave

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I a trying to use categories for transactions but when I am entering an actual transaction, there’s not a place to enter the category. I can do “tags”, “payee”, “tender type”, but no category. When I look at the account with all transactions listed, there is a “category” field, but it disappears when I edit the transaction. Also, please make this a drop down menu to avoid typos/miscategorising.


Hi @GambrillWagner,
Can you post this over in the Bugs category please? I changed categories recently and it’s possible I messed it up.


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