Attendance and Service Record in order?

Is there a way to see attendance records or service records in chronological order instead of alphabetical order?

Hi @AdelaideLeitzel,

The short answer is yes, but I need to know where you are looking. We show attendance and service hours in multiple locations. Give me the path (ie. Manage > Settings > etc.) and I will let you know exactly how.

Thank you.

Quick Nav, Members, Individual User, Participation & Service, (Attended
& Not Attended; Attended; or Not Attended).

If there is a better way to get the data, please let me know.

Hi @AdelaideLeitzel,

Thank you for sharing that path.

You may try using the participation book for now (Plan > Participation Book).

From a personal profile, it’s set for alphabetical now. Let’s see if more people would fine it useful to be sorted by date and then we can see about developing an option to choose how it’s sorted.

Thank you!