Automatically Update Rank Record When Submitted to Council

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After each Court of Honor, my Advancement person has to go into the records of the boys that achieved a rank and update the Purchased, Recognized and Awarded On fields. These updates, can be time consuming.

If she doesn’t update the fields, the boys will appear on the next advancement report.

I would like to suggest that when an advancement report is sent to council the Purchased, Recognized and Awarded On fields are automatically updated. The fields should not be updated until the report is sent to Council.

This should extend to merit badges as well

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Sorry to disagree - the automatic process would not allow for a Troop workflow like what we have.

Just because we update to council, doesn’t mean we have purchased the award.

Also, the recognition at the Court of Honor or at a Camporee is different than when we would purchase it,

Awarded is even more important to keep separate for our workflow. As soon as we sign off on a rank, the next Troop meeting and if it is more than a month away from a Court of Honor - we issue the award to the Scout to put on his uniform (we have a small stash of awards that is refreshed from the purchase list).

If we issue the award and and mark it awarded , then we don’t put it in his little ziplock of awards at the Court of Honor but do include the mom pin. This is where the Recognized checkbox works for us.

I like the flexibility of different check-boxes.

Don’t forget about the Present Awards page. It lets you bulk update your awards as Purchased, Awarded, and Recognized. Get there by clicking “Present Awards” from the Achieve drop-down.

@MatthewPodraza. Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate it, you bring up some valid points.

@Spencer- thanks the response. I wasn’t aware of this page. I see you can filter the list by scout or patrol. I don’t see a bulk update option. Am I missing something?



The whole page is one big “bulk update.” You can select which awards you want to mark as Purchased, Awarded, or Recognized (or use the checkmarks at the very top to select everything at once), and then click the Save button to update all those achievements at once.

I say “bulk update” only because it updates everything at once; the page doesn’t use that phrase.

@Spencer Thanks so much! We will have to give that a try!


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Thank you! I had not seen this either. Updating after a Court of Honor will be so much faster now!

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Please note: any awards that have been marked Awarded and Recognized will not show up on the Present Awards page anymore.

This is a great help. Are there other items that you can “bulk update”? For instance, I see that my predecessor recorded all the Totin’ Chips but technically that requires a Board of Review and he didn’t check that. When I print Advancement Record, all of these come up as “in need of”. Is there a way I can check them all off just like “Purchase” of MBs? Thanks!

Two other questions: Is there a way to mark an award completed but not have it show up on the Present Awards? (For example, we have an Eagle Scout that we will do a special CoH for and don’t want to have him show up this time on the Present Awards for CoH. Also have another kid that went to Summer Camp with another troop and will have his awards presented at a later date.) Other question is, with TurboNET updating, does every council use that? Do you get any sort of confirm that what you send is actually in their database? (Not sure how to check/confirm that it went through — but think it is a great idea/time saver for the Troop.)