Is "Reported On" date field still being used?

Hi. we were not diligent in our record keeping (example below). Trying to clean up achievements before new scout year. Wondering what happen to the “reported to council” date field as I can not find it anywhere except for on this report. If it isn’t a user input field, what triggers the system to generate it?

I’m assuming someone is monitoring this community. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. steve

If you Edit the individual Advancement from the Scouts profile then you can see and update Reported to Council. That field was always automatically updated if you submitted items via TurboNET Advancement Report with IA 10., now with IA2.0 it is automatically updated when you close a report that was uploaded to IA2.0. There is currently no sync with IA2.0 so if they are reported to Council but not marked as such on TT then you would have to go in and update each item. As a work around you could run an advancement report and only select the items that have been reported then close the report without downloading or uploading to IA2.0, it would put in the current date but at least they would all be marked as Reported to Council.

Thank Aaron. That is very helpful. We will give it a shot. Best, Steve