Backspace refers back to last position cursor was

Hi, typing in troop track is very difficult because the cursor moves instantly from where you are typing to where you last used backspace. In the video, you can observe me typing c and space. When I hit backspace to remove, it deletes the 2 from nov. 2 (without me moving the cursor).

tt error in typing  (1)


I have this problem, too. Very frustrating!


Where is this happening within TT? What browser are you using and what version is it? Have you tried any other browsers and resetting the browser as well?

Thanks for chiming in. I thought I might be the only one.

I use TroopTrack in chrome on Macbook pro (2021). Chrome is up to date

Version 107.0.5304.87 (Official Build) (arm64).

Not sure what resetting the browser means. I close and open the browser all the time. I don’t know that I have the problem on other websites. Thanks. Steve

It happens when typing emails to send out to the troop members. Very frustrating!!!

Thank you for putting the problem into words!

Cheryl AHG Troop OR0001

Thank you, I have confirmed this behavior in both Chrome and Safari. I will reach out to the TT admins and let them know.

I have also had this happen. It’s super annoying.

Same here as well as for my wife. One MacBook / Safari, one PC / Chrome. Incredibly annoying.

Yes, this has been happening in the email section for about a month.

Please fix. This is super annoying. I use TT primary with Windows 11

The TT admins are looking into this problem. I did some testing and see it happening in Safari and Chrome on Mac as well as Chrome on Windows. It happens in E-Mail, and Event text fields.

This started about a month ago, maybe two. My work around is to highlight the text I want to change and backspace over it. Just hitting backspace is an endless loop of frustration.

This has been sent to the Dev team, not sure what kind of timeframe for a fix.

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This has been happening for many months. I’m glad it has been sent to the Dev team, thank you!