Email/Calendar Text Editor, Font Family and Size Don't Work on Existing Text

When I highlight existing text and attempt to change the font family or font size, it does not change the existing text. The cursor jumps to the upper left of the text area and then the font family or size I selected works on any new text typed in from that point on.

The other formatting works on existing text - I can bold, underscore, change color, etc. It is just the font family and font size that doesn’t work.

Clear all format doesn’t work either.

Hi @jjeffery,

I see the issue with the text and was able to recreate it. I am going to get that over to our tech team so they can take a look at it and get that issue fixed.

@JessicaSteimel I was not able to recreate the issue with the clear format. I highlighted some text dark red and upon clicking “clear format” it reverted back to black.


David Keener

I am still also seeing strange font editing issues - like I change the font style and size so that it looks fine. Then I hit save, and it displays differently.

An example: the blurb I have under “Shopping List” on our Intranet page is in two font styles and I can’t fix it:

I am also having the problem that was initially reported here (the cursor moving to the top left while trying to edit selected text).


This happens when I cut and paste text from a Trooptrack email into the new email.

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