FIXED: Having to log in constantly

I cannot stand after the last update Trooptrack does not retain my log in and I have to log in every time I move away from the page at all. I don’t think there is a huge problem of hacking from parents laptops or cell phones so can we please fix this?

What browser, version, and operating system are you using? The problem you are experiencing is not happening to everyone so it could be specific to your setup.

I have an IPhone 10 but it hard to say if it’s happening to others because I waited many months to complain about it so chances are others haven’t mentioned it.


Go into Settings, Safari, if you have Block All Cookies enabled that could cause issues with staying logged into TT when you go to a different website. If that doesn’t do it go to Advanced, Website Data, search for, swipe left to delete the TT website data. If neither of those work you can try Clear History and Website Data, this will of course remove all of your saved website data for TT and other sites.

This is not a problem that I am experiencing. I am on a Windows computer and an Android phone.