Badge Matrix

We have switched to troop track from Troop Master. There is a report we used to run that was a badge completed matrix for each of our units. I have attached the report. I need to be able to select my current unit such as explorer and then a badge matrix to be created with all of the badges so I can cross reference which badges girls don’t have in each unit. Can you help me with this?



Hi @ElizabethCooper2 ,

I think these filters on the badge book will help you out a lot.


I am using the filters and I have explained a problem with the filters. I am a computer programmer so I am not an idiot about this stuff. This is ridiculous customer service.

Hi @ElizabethCooper2,

Since you seem to have very specific requirements, I would recommend you join our developer program and use our API’s to build the reports the way you want.

You can find more information about that by clicking on your name and “Developer Program”.

Being a programmer, you should have no problem with this.

Let me know if you have any other questions.