Limiting your view of badges earned to current year

Our troop has girls that have been in AHG for 10 years. I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a feature that would allow me to narrow down JUST what has happened this year. It makes it so much easier when I am trying to create invoices to only be able to see what’s going on this year vs what they’ve earned every year while in their current unit.

And if it’s not too much to ask, having the ability to look at a squad and at the individual girl. :slight_smile: But really, I’ll take what ever I can get. :wink:

What if we added a program year filter on the badge book for AHG troops? Would that do the trick?

I think so!!

I would use it to create my invoices. Currently our troop bills twice a year for badges that the troop doesn’t pay for. The first bill that I send out isn’t hard, but that last one of the year… It’s a booger, especially for those girls who are especially ambitious and have a gazillion badges! :wink: The girls who have earned all those badges over the years can be quite overwhelming to filter through!

Thank you!!!

Okay, I’ve added it to our issues list. It’s issue #1471.



One more question. When it allows you to filter badges by year, will would be be able to see badges that aren’t completed yet? So if a girl completes 8 badges in 2015-2016, but then has 4 badges that she is in the process of working on and has part of the requirements entered, is it possible to filter those out by “completed”, “incomplete”, or “all”? Then we would be able to see better as parents and leaders where the are at by what we are working on. If I’m working on invoices, I don’t need to see what she hasn’t finished. But as a leader if I need to know what a girl has left to finish up for the year, the Incomplete tab would be very helpful.

I think we can make that work.

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