Blocking the "Recognized" box from parents

Is there a way to keep a parent from filling in the “completed” box manually and recognizing their daughter’s badges in TT? Currently we have a few parents, who will go in and mark their daughter’s badges off as recognized which means they have presented the badge to their squad/leader. In some cases, parents are doing this without the badge being completed. The parents will fill in the completed date without all the requirements being finished. It then shows up on our shopping list. My poor advancement coordinator is getting frazzled. And so am I as I’ve been helping her check things off.


We’ve run into the same issue and have kept the ability to edit achievement records turned off because of it.

I believe the ability to edit the summary fields (completion date, awarded date, reported to council date, recognized flag, and purchased flag) should only reside with someone who has unit-wide achievement editing privileges.

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How do you manage entering all the badges? I have 92 girls, there is no way I can ask my leaders to do that for their girls. All of my squads are 10 or more girls. This year alone, our girls have earned a total of over 2,000 badges, patches, and pins. Other than knowing which parents we have to keep tabs on, we haven’t figured a way to work around it yet.

Not to mention, service hours, they can’t enter their own service hours… We’ve got thousands of hours of service. I can’t even fathom tracking that by hand. My service coordinator’s head would explode. lol

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Yes, we can’t keep Edit Achievements turned off either, so we keep it on, with a little bit of Fear and Trepidation…

Having a recognized box that only unit-access or even just troop-access people can check would be SO nice!

We are working on an update right now that will allow parents and scouts (if you give them the necessary privilege) to be able to submit what we call provisional progress. In other words, they can log on, enter in the dates that their child worked on requirements x, y, and z, and those will be submitted to a leader for approval. We plan on having a page where the leaders can see all of those at once, so they don’t have to hop around to lots of girls’ accounts. That way, you can allow parents to submit that badgework has been completed, without giving them access to everything else.

The service hours issue is a bit different, however. We would love some feedback on how to better structure that so that parents can submit hours without having access to more than they ought to.

Will this work for the Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scouts as well? This is one feature we had in Scoutbook that we sorely miss here.

If you are referring to the ability of parents and/or scouts to be able to submit progress and then have it approved by the leaders - yes. :slight_smile: This will be available for all scouting organizations we serve, and will be a feature that can be turned on or off in troop/pack settings.

Bless you @KelsieC!! We are very excited about this change!!

As to the service thoughts. Is there a way to set up Bulk Service? I know I can do that from an event, but if I have several girls and they are doing service, not at a specific AHG event (so it’s not on the calendar), I would need to go in and enter than for each individual girl. Is there a way for our leaders to have the ability to enter bulk service? As a parent, I’d find it useful with 5 girls in my troop, but I’m the odd one with that situation. :smiley: Most of my leaders will do service projects that they invite their girls too, but it’s not an official AHG event so it doesn’t go on our calendar. If they had the ability to enter those things in bulk… It’s not a major thing, but it would be handy! :wink: