How do unit leaders approve completed awards

Hi there,
Our AHG unit leaders approved the awards the girls complete. Girls are allowed to update their own record based on the work they have done and the adult logs in to give the award the “OK”.

But I can’t find how to do this. All the awards that are compete show up on the agenda, show up on the shopping list, etc… But they haven’t been approved by their leaders yet.

So I need to understand how to limit the shopping list & agenda to reflect only the awards that have been approved. Or if the system just doesn’t do this. Or any ideas of how to manage something like this.

Feel free to email back if I am confusing things.

Thanks so much

Hi @AmyDean4,

This is currently not a feature in TroopTrack. There is a thread here on the community requesting that feature and it’s gaining some traction, so I would add a comment of support to that post.


Hi Amy,

Our troop’s work around has been that we do not allow our girls to put in a date for completed or check the “recognized” box. We make it our girls’ responsibility from the beginning to tell their leaders they have a badge to present. Once the girls present it, we mark that date in the completed box and check off the “Recognized” box. Before we hand out badges at Badgewagon or COA, we have our leaders go in and look at their girls to verify that they have indeed presented all badges listed under their name.

That process can seem tedious to the leaders. One of the things we do in our troop is Parent Helpers each meeting. This is one of the things our leaders can have the parents do. Leaders bring a laptop in, and parents check books vs TT. Or even check the paper list/report from TT vs the girl’s book.

One of the threads that Matt is referring to (I think) is this one: More Badge Checkboxes (besides just Purchased and Recognized) Please add your thoughts and hearts to this one! :blush:

Hope that helps!

Hi there,

Thank you so much for the advice. I’ll take this to our board to consider how we should proceed. Great way to hold the girls accountable for sure.

I really appreciate the time you took to share your experiences with me.

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No problem! I hope it helps! It seems overwhelming at first, but @schwammrs (I think it was you) that also had great ideas on how they used all those boxes. I’d definitely recommend checking out the original link as well as the links inside that post. Some great ideas all around in there!