BSA Adult Application permissions

What permissions are required in order to be able to print the “BSA Adult Application?”

Is it possible for a person to fill in all the fields in their profile, then print their own?

You see, the workflow looks like this.

Adult prints application. Signs it. Sends it in (either by hand or scanned to email).
Printed again, then more signatures and sent on to council.

We’d love for adults to be able to print their own pre-fillled-out applications – how can they do it?



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Hi @njmike,

It looks like the user will need “Manage Troop Members” to do this. I do not recommend you give this privilege out to just anyone, but that is the one a user will need to print their application. I gave myself “Household” access and was able to print the application for just myself.

If your TroopTrack Profile is filled out pretty well, it will auto fill most of the information. Some may need to be written in (including, as you mentioned, the signature).

If there are specific fields you’d like to be able to autofill, feel free to request it. There is some information we have no desire to store, though.


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I just did a few of these last night.

I choose to not store the SSN, so that feature is disabled. But for everything else I entered, I think TT does a fine job of printing out a form that is a) current and b) mostly filled in. I would almost pay to be able to fill in the tiny questions on the bottom and right-side of the form but… that’s a “nice to have” feature.

So… if a person has “Manage Troop Members” and “Household” access they can print their own? Preferably a button or menu item available directly from their Profile screen, or from the navigation bar at the top by clicking on their name.

Should/Could I change this discussion into a feature request? There should be an easier way for a person to print out their households’ applications.


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Yes, please do change this to a feature request/idea.

I do have some concerns with users thinking they need to print an application to give parents access to TroopTrack, but I’m sure we can brainstorm a way to make this easier to access for users.

Thank you.