Troop track new user info card form

As the new season starts up for many troops, we will be registering new users for troop track.
On registration night it’s nice to have an info card that parents can fill out so that the troop records keeper can input all of the data into TroopTrack, and whatever platforms the Scouting organization has.
I would love to be able to print a hard copy of the user profile so that all of the fields can be populated.
I would love to be able to create the blank card straight out of troop track or printed copies of records pfor updates for returning members.


I’m the IT and TroopTrack guy for our pack and I just took the applications from recruitment events home with me so I could setup new users. I scanned them and attached them to the users as well. Didn’t need a separate card and I’ll pass them along to the secretary for hard-copy storage.

My $0.02

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I’m asking for applications from TT as our national process is all on line. So I would love a “card” that we can use to create a complete TT profile.

Currently we don’t offer a printed card like you talked about but you could write down the fields you’d like to record and hand them to parents. Or you could have a laptop with TroopTrack open to Manage > Members > Add a Scout and just have the parents fill in the information under someone’s supervision right then and there.

That’s why I’m saying its a wish list thing. In my opinion…
Our launch nights can get pretty busy and we already have an in-person registration for the national registration.
We also have trouble getting a wireless connection at our meeting location, but I would love to get the TT info fields populated while we get people set up on TT.


If enough people want this feature, we’d be glad to consider it.

You may also consider waiting until their national registration is complete and just importing them after that.

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As a scout troop overseas, access to the internet isn’t always as easy and available everywhere it might be stateside. We would like to do EVERYTHING online but that isn’t always practical. I’m currently trying to make up my own personal information datasheet to capture the information from our first meeting and populate troop track later. If you had one it would save me a lot of trouble,

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So, as we start up the registration process for a new year I assume no progress was ever made on this issue?

We have to pick and choose which features we work on and in what order. This one didn’t get a ton of support and we just didn’t see a wide appeal for it (plus there are a ton of other really cool features I guarantee you’d rather have that we’re working on). So this is still on this list, but it’s not on the radar at the moment.