MOST AWESOME IDEA EVER: BSA Adult Application form generation by user

Continuing the discussion from BSA Adult Application permissions:

SO. Everyone in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts needs to worry about application forms, re-chartering and role-changes that require a person to fill out an application.

MANY people would love to be able to fill in a form on-line. But the BSA still hasn’t gotten over this hurdle, so until someone steps up and creates a “fillable-PDF” version of the current BSA Youth and Adult Application forms…

Right now, the “Manage Troop Members” permission is needed for these application forms to be generated out of TroopTrack. An extremely powerful permission for something as simple as generating a form out of your own data for your own use.

But wouldn’t it be great if a user could generate a form for their own use, based on the information in their Trooptrack record? This becomes MOST useful for people who already have IDs and their personal information entered into Trooptrack.

I would suggest that this is useful for NEW applications as well, since you have a single place (Trooptrack) to get both.


  • Option 1: NEW user. No TT user ID, no information in TT. Fine. GIve the user a TT link that generates a blank form that they can print and fill-in. At least it will be consistent with the forms you use for re-chartering or role-changes.

  • Option 2: NEW user. No TT user ID, no information in TT. Ok! Give the user a one-page form that doesn’t store data, but that can turn that data into a Youth or Adult Application that can be saved/printed. You would still have to enter the information manually into TT to create a user ID for the new person.

  • Option 3: NEW user. No TT user ID, no information in TT. Ok! Give the user a one-page form from which they can REGISTER FOR AN ID ON THEIR OWN, and be able to turn that data into a Youth or Adult Application. TroopTrack administrator for that unit would have to review/approve the record before it could be a “full-fledged” member/userID.

EXISTING USERS - Re-chartering or role-changes

  • Option 1: Provide a button in their profile, which they could push to generate the appropriate BSA form.

What do you think? Thanks for your time. Please :hearts: this post if you agree!



This is super duper idea!

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Combining TroopTrack registration with Adult/Youth applications would really streamline our process, and get us much closer to 100% TroopTrack registration. As it stands now, the membership chair manually creates all the TroopTrack accounts that are missing, using information parents filled out on the application.


@njmike has a great idea. Moving this from it’s current menu location (where the Manage Member privilege is required) to the Report menu visible on each person’s profile page would be one way to implement this without increasing privileges. That menu location would be intuitive for the parents.


C’mon Trooptrack developer(s)… this is still a great idea. What do you think @Spencer?

Especially now when we can see what BSA national has provided for their “online” process (which is currently broken, just in time for new membership and re-chartering).


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Anybody home?

We’ve done part of this idea. Members can now print their BSA membership applications from their dashboard.

While we appreciate the update, unfortunately you are using the old application. BSA updated it in 2018.

DOH. New forms just went live.

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Looks great, thank you.