Print Pre-filled BSA Adult Applications! (12/08/2015)

How would you like to be able to print your BSA Adult Application pre-filled from TroopTrack? We are re-chartering our units and frankly... the paperwork is a bit of a pain. Sunday night I thought "I can make this easier". I started on it Monday morning and guess what?

Go to Manage -> Members -> BSA Adult Applications and check it out!

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Hi Dave!

This is a really awesome feature for both Youth and Adults!

I know this feature has been out for a while, but it hit home when I saw it this morning because of a conversation I had with a prospective parent just the other night. They asked me if there was an online form they could use. I know that BSA has some PDFs you can fill out, but I still have to retype all of that information into Troop Track. (or wait for 2 weeks for council to get them in their system) and do an import.

It started me thinking about the application process and how much data entry we do to signup a new scout. and as a result of too much thinking I came up with a crazy request.

Could you make it possible to create a public facing Youth and Adult “Application” link that we can email to our new parents so they can complete the form online and submit to our pack for review and confirmation?

It could work something like this:

  1. Parent says “I join Cub Scouts (or Boy Scouts) and your Pack. How do I do that?”
  2. We send them an email with a link to the online application form for our Pack.
  3. Parent completes online form providing all the information required on either a BSA Youth App (or a Leader App).
  4. They click submit to save and optionally print the youth or leader app.
  5. The appropriate youth and adult records are saved in a “pending approval” group ( maybe use a den/patrol)
  6. Notification is sent to the designated Pack leadership (Membership Coordinator, Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Charter Rep, etc)
  7. Application is reviewed and approved or rejected by pack leadership.(Maybe have a status available on each pending record - Pending, In Progress, Hold, Rejected)
    8a. For Approved new youth: Scout / Adult / Family record is completed (maybe ask if a new family is needed or choose existing family)
    8b. For Approved new leader: Adult/Family record is completed (ask if new family is needed or choose existing family)
    8c. For Rejected applications: after X days delete the adult/youth record. (or just delete immediately)
  8. Pack Leader prints application, gets signatures and submits to council with payment.
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Hi Dave,

This is a feature I have seen before and love it. I noticed the last digit of my driver’s license# is not completely visible. I’ve requested this be fixed for quite sometime, but nothing ever came of it. If you could fix this I’d appreciate it! I know you guys are swamped.

Also, what permissions are needed to print your own form? Here, Merit Badge Counselors are required to turn in a new application every year. It would be great if adults could print off their own form and turn it into me, without me having to print off 30 applications for everyone, then collect signatures.

Thanks for revisiting this AWESOME idea!!!



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Hi @darrenyates,

I’ve thought about doing something like this in the past, but I want to get a better sense of how often it would be used. Would you mind re-posting it over in the “New Ideas” category? That way other members will know you are proposing a new feature and can weigh in on it.



Thanks @dave I’ll repost it! Hopefully it will get some traction.

Only downside I see is the capture of the signature and the carbon copy feature of the current document. The content in the lower right corner (local council copy) would have to be changed for the various copies. Our council has stated they want the pages kept together and not removed (removing the unit copy). Not sure if we can get them to change this requirement.