Bulk Create Permission Slips for Patrols/Dens

As a Patrol or Den leader, I often need to prepare permission slips for ALL of my patrol or den, and it is very cumbersome to do them one at a time. In the “Print Permission Slip” area under the PLAN badge, I would like to have an option to choose a Patrol/Den to generate multiple permission slips, and print them all out at once to distribute to my patrol or pack to be signed before an event.


I have each patrol or parent bring theirs, and have blank ones for those that don’t

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I not only like this idea, but would like to
build on it. When creating an event and check permission required,
every invitee should either receive a link in the invite that would then
create the permission slip when clicked or troop track should generate a
permission slip for each invitee and attach it to the invite.

Personally, I like the link option best because it would reduce on
unnecessary demand on the database resources since the task would only
be completed when clicked. Only the person needing the slip would click
the link. Validation can occur against the login and allow for all the
information available to be autopopulated.

If we truly wanted to take this to the next level, we should be able
to better manage events so that invitees could RSVP to the event and
attach the signed permission slip to the RSVP. Troop track would
validate that the invitee has provided any required documents (the event
may require a medical form, permission, etc) to let the organizer know
if the invitee is good to go. We could then run reports to see who has
RSVP’d, view the slips to ensure for accuracy and signature, batch print
the slips if necessary, email or batch email the slips if necessary,

This feature would greatly streamline things.