Permission Slip Enhancements

The permission slips are great and make events easy to set up for.
A few enhancements i would like to suggest:

  1. When printing a slip we can pick the event- nice. But then i only see a list of all our girls. Can we see troops? Also exclude adults?
  2. Can we auot populate the parent’s address and phone info, if it is supplied.

Daniel Rausch


Hi @egarek23

This sound like a great idea! However, before we can introduce this idea to our developers, we would like to see a little more support from the rest of the TroopTrack community. Have any other TroopTrack users you know add their support as a +1 or a comment about the idea and we will see what we can do.

Thanks for using the TroopTrack community!

I not only like this idea, but would like to build on it. When creating an event and check permission required, every invitee should either receive a link in the invite that would then create the permission slip when clicked or troop track should generate a permission slip for each invitee and attach it to the invite.

Personally, I like the link option best because it would reduce on unnecessary demand on the database resources since the task would only be completed when clicked. Only the person needing the slip would click the link. Validation can occur against the login and allow for all the information available to be autopopulated.

If we truly wanted to take this to the next level, we should be able to better manage events so that invitees could RSVP to the event and attach the signed permission slip to the RSVP. Troop track would validate that the invitee has provided any required documents (the event may require a medical form, permission, etc) to let the organizer know if the invitee is good to go. We could then run reports to see who has RSVP’d, view the slips to ensure for accuracy and signature, batch print the slips if necessary, email or batch email the slips if necessary, etc.

This feature would greatly streamline things.


This is great. I see this moving to the point where we can have most of this online including a way to sign virtual slips, medical forms, etc. this would help reduce a lot of paperwork and have everything up to date. Great idea.

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I’m curious as to the status of this idea. I would also love the ability for automatic permission slips based upon the event data so it’s much easier on everyone!

Any news?

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Another enhancement…a “NOTES” section. A group is going on a field trip and the leader would like to let the families know to pack a sack lunch. Currently there is not an area to put reminders or notes.


I would suggest that there be a “Print RSVP” permission slips.

If the Scout / Parent / Leader has RSVPed to the event - then we could print them all, then put it on a clipboard for the event person to hold. Parents sign the forms as they drop off Scouts.

Seems a little less chaotic than trying collect the permission forms before hand, tracking down the ones that didn’t do it, fussing with who did it and who didn’t.

No signature - you can’t stay or attend the event.

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I would love to just be able to get a blank permission slip with the event info filled out. That way if we don’t know for sure who will be able to make it, we can just have blank ones ready without having to fill them out in their entirety.

You can do that - just don’t select a person in the drop down.

One of the Australian Pack management system that we were using generates the proper Scouts Australia “E1” permission PDF form all filled out with the activity info, dates, etc. That would be super neat…

We don’t have a drop down. It’s a checklist for girl names and there is no way to print a permission slip without a girl’s name checked. A checkbox for blank would be great!

I’m confused then. Then different interfaces for different groups?

Boy Scouts - Plan > Print a Permission Slip > Two drop downs > One for Event, One for Member.

If I leave the Member blank I Print a blank permission slip with the event information.

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blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } We have to fill in everything. Wish we just had a couple drop downs! The drop down for event only fills in the name. Everything else has to be typed by hand. Under Girls is a checklist of all troop members and at least one must be checked to get the permission slip to print.

I would really love an online event permission slip that captures the user ID logged into TroopTrack as an electronic signature. The permission slip could be displayed and then an adult could check the “signed” box for their scouts and it would capture the user ID that checked the box. On the attendance reports, you could add an “Attendance Approved By” column that would display the user that “signed” the permission slip.

Brian Blunt


I love this idea. People are so much better about filling out electronic forms.