Bulk Load Achievements?

Is there a way to bulk load achievements?

I’d like to add the Cyber Chip award to all of the Scouts in the Pack but right now it looks like I have to do that individually. Ideally I want to load it by Den since there are Cyber Chips for Grades 1-3 and 4-5.

Has anyone found a way to do this?

Hi @NickBongiolatti,

Go to Achieve > Record Progress (Bulk) and select the name of a den to select everyone inside it, put in a date for then it was earned, find the correct Cyber Chip on the dropdown list and mark the sections of it complete or mark “All requirements complete” and then press “Record Progress” and you will be all set.


I should have clarified. The achievement hasn’t been earned yet. I’d like to it appear on the Scout’s profile though so it isn’t over looked by parents and/or the Den Leader. Call it a subtle reminder. :wink:

Oh, gotcha. Yes, to add them to the profile you will need to do it individually or at least mark one requirement complete through Record Progress (bulk).